Thursday, March 31, 2011

black and white

ive always loved back and white photos and so i decided today would be the perfect day to put up some great ones i found just google searching.
soon, perhaps this summer ill get some really fancy photo editing software and then start a black and white album of my photos in of course, black and white!
theres just something about having no color that makes the scene the in the photo so much more alluring and intimate. now dont get me wrong, i love color photos as well but if i had to choose between the guessed it :)
this picture...there just isnt words to how fantastic it is.

i usually love flower pictures of single stems, but i like these. and calla lilies? you cant get better!

this is amazing-absolutely stunning.

isnt she the most precious little girl youve ever seen?...yeah i thought so. :)

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