Monday, April 4, 2011

it all leaves room for improvement/red week

im sorry!!! i failed saturday/friday/sunday. i didnt post. ooopppps. well here-how about an explanation and resolution? sounds good right?!
okay so my mother decided to tell me on monday we were going out of town for friday night to have dinner with some family friends, stay the night, and then saturday morning watch my dad run in a half marathon. (yeah...thats like 13 miles. be stunned.) so even though i did have my laptop with me for this journey, i was unable to blog because there simply wasnt time. then saturday night came and...i had to babysit. so fail. again. now you might be asking yourself...what about sunday? well see the thing is, sunday went by SUPER fast. i went to a concert that night and i could have blogged, and it was my upmost intention, but i didnt get home until 11:30 so my bed sounded just a tad more appealing. sorry!
but the good news to come of this is that im going to "uniform" my blog if you will. i plan on creating sort of a schedule for my blogging times and themes. for example, ill most likely take the weekends off or sunday and friday, and blog saturday or something. and then for the themes, i will prolly come up with a certain idea or topic for each day. for instance: on mondays i could do "oldies but goodies" and post some old pics of mine and talk about...something. well either way i think y'all get what im gettin at.
so todays post...kinda ramble-ly but hey, heres the fantastic post i had been preparing all last week for for monday! and the "color theme" yeah i might do this every week...and have color...friday or saturday! we shall see. :)

ramdom red 'round (my) room. oh yeah. lets see, we got hello kitty coloring book, ACT prep book, various office supplies, a straw (???), my beloved red watch...and some other stuff.

yay lip colors! my current favorites of these are the sephora pinky pink, and the berry color behind it. i love lip liners for a few reasons: 1. the arent sticky 2. the arent shiny or glossy (i like matte colors best) 3. they stay on and are very light, like a stain but with lip liners you can control the intensity :)

my tuesday outfit, i like adding pops of color with my uniform! red works perfectly.

my newly painted nails...but by now they have started to chip :( i love this dark red shade, its a perfect complinemt to my fair skin.

saw this driving in town, there were actually 5 red cars by each other. from the pic you can only see 4. i think its a cult.

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