Wednesday, April 27, 2011

blanket fairies.

ill try to be short in the overview but i dont make any promises.
so my bestfriend of thirteen years-maggie- made a charity in honor of her brother eric who died when he was three-nineteen years ago. tomorrow is actually his 22nd birthday. she decided instead of just pasing out balloons to the kids in the hospital every year with her parents, she would do something more.
blanket fairies was born.
now, we have raised over $4,000 and maggie, me and a lot of my friends are making fleece tie blankets for tons of kids and little babies in the pediatric icu at the childrens hospital. we just went there on monday and got to pass a few balnkets out. it was both wonderful and saddening to see the kids. it was a great experience and feeling giving the kids something cuddly, but so sad to see so many kids in the hospital. it was very emotional. the good thing is that we are praying, loving and supporting each one of the kids there. and every person who recieves a blanket we pray over and remember.
here are some pictures from out trip to the hospital, while there are plenty of the hospital itself, pictures of patients are not allowed so you can only imagine the looks on the kids faces :)
this is the art in the main entrance. each floor is modeled after one of the the themes from the prayer.

so cute!


the peds icu floor. i love love love the moon so obviously this was my favorite.

all the blankets we brought this trip = 48. total we've made 119.

here we all are! with cookie-one of the helpers there who is really close to maggie and her family.

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