Thursday, April 28, 2011

riding into the sunset

today has been hectic. i got home a little bit ago and before that i hadnt been home since 7:30 this morning. during all that, i had an eye appointment and my eyes stayed dialated through my physics review for a test tomrrow and part of work. and just to put it in perspective, i NEED my eyes to work. so likely, i had a massive headache the whole night. as if work isnt bad enough?
now im just kinda in the mood where im not sure if i should be mad at someone or not. its a hard call. and knowing me ill be over it in about 3 minutes but as of right now im just really mad. i have a terrible temper so i just need to look at these pictures i took on my way home (dangerousss...) and relax. tomorrows friday. tgif. seriously.

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