Monday, May 2, 2011

a garden in my hair

on sunday my mom surprisingly came into my room with two bunches of flake flowers. she got them for a dollar each- a bunch in white, yellow and orange, and the other in purple, fuchia and pink. so she told me and my sister hannie we should make clips and headbands with them. and so we did.
we made about 8 clips, 3 headbands, and i made these keychain things (super cool and im really excited for them :D) along with a lanyard. so for two bucks we got a ton of new flowers to use and put in our hair!
these are the keychains. they have D shaped rings to attach to keys and/or a little wristlet if wanted and then the band fits around your wrist perfectly for no hands!

here are my clips. plus an orange and white one and another orange one with a little gold detailed bead in the center- i wore that one today.

p.s. im declairing this week (may 1st- may 7th) flower week. so each day im wearing a different flower in my hair. with my recent additions i have plenty to last weeks without a repeat :)

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