Monday, April 25, 2011

easter recap

this weekend over all was good but emotional:
friday- it was icky out, as all good fridays are but it wasnt a terrible day. my family went over to my grandpas new house to have spaghetti for dinner.
saturday- i got a lot done as well as hung out and relaxed.
sunday- a fun day at home, beautiful out so we spent the majority of the day outside playing bags and i took some great photos of the newly bloomoed flowers- to post later this week! it was my grandpas birthday too so we had glorious chocolate cake my sister made.
monday- me and some friends went to the childresn hospital about an hour away to deliver blankets from the charity we started-blanket fairies (we make fleece tie blankets for the kids and babies in the pediatric icu)- and it was quite emotional. (ill post more tomorrow!)
great weekend-stressful, but good. to say the least im counting down the days till summer!
the flowers i cut and arranged. i LOVE this shot. the color of these tulips is beyond gorgeous.

the flowers i took pictures of from my neighbors yard. the colors were amazing.

yummmmy chocolate cake! even for me- not a fan of chocolate.

jousting bunnies. (this is easter at my house: me and my brother stick toothpics in out peeps and micrwave battle them.)

isnt my daddy funny? last year his egg said, "egg."

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