Friday, April 22, 2011


recently ive felt as if im just living in a fashion block. like writers block but worse! i feel as if i have no idea what to wear anymore and i dont have inspiration either. its terrible, i about had an anxiety attack today because it all just kinda rushed to me and i felt horrible!
thats when operation style set in. i decided to go back through alllllll of my old magazines and tear out pages of outfits to inspire me. so far ive gotten through almost 2 years of instyle...i still have another year of that plus three years of two more magazines. oh my...i might just stop after instyle though. who knows. all im sure about is that once i cut out and organize these outfits, ill have some awesome little pages to flip through every once in a while to help me create outfits. god willing, with the help of this ill be out of this fashion rut in no time!
old magazines.

my supplies to put it all together.

the ripped out pages. and theres plenty more to find! :)

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