Thursday, April 21, 2011

nails galore

as of right now my nails dont look exatly...nice. i painted them on saturday so they arent 1/4-covered-in-the-middle-polish-from-last-month bad but still. ive been planning on repainting tomorrow for easter. im not sure which color to do yet-either chubby cheeks or peach daiquiri (both essie). whichever i choose the nice pinky tones will go great with my skirt for easter- seen here!

i think this is chubby cheeks. cant remember though- these were from december!

st. lucia lilac.

st. lucia lilac. this might be one of my top colors.

this red isnt an essie. i hae a red in mind by essie im planning on getting-lollipop :)

these are my nails currently (angora cardi by essie). i got the little stickers in a basket i won at after prom and so i put little daisies on my thumbs and ring fingers. its a shame the polish is chipping away :(

here is my current essie collection. i have 2 or 3 in mind to be getting soon so it wont stay small for long!
(from left to right: shifting power, st. lucia lilac, mint candy apple, midnight cami, angora cardi, like linen. front: peach daiquiri, chubby cheeks.)

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