Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dressin it up

since i go to a catholic school, every month we have mass days where we all dress up- men in shirts and ties, ladies in nice (and modest) clothing. although the modesty is pushed a one really listens. says somethin about our school? yes.
today was a mass day and i was able to wear my new skirt that i got easter over spring break. even though it is for easter mass, i decided to wear it today as sort of a "preview."

i love this picture even though you can see the flash. my pictures arent exactly quality all the time...haha ;)

express top.

loft skirt.

shoes from payless. ive had them for years. but always loved them and they havent gone out of style so hey, why not keep 'em right?

vintage necklace.
p.s.- i finally got my pictures from my dads camera onto my computer! so ill be posting those once in a while. ill probably put some up tomorrow! get excited :D

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