Tuesday, April 12, 2011


okay so im realllly sorry i havent posted since...i dont know when. but theres explaination! saturday was obviously prom. sunday i was so so so tired from prom (up alll night finally got some sleep from 9am-1pm) and then i had to go out of town for my aunts birthday dinner and when we finally got home, boy, i crashed. then yesterday was just stressful and as if being tired wasnt enough, i got into a fender bender-my first ever "accident." :( it wasnt fun. but its not bad at all so hopefully all will end easy.
so here are some of the best pictures from prom! it was so much fun and im kinda sad its over but hey, still got next year! :D
my makeup. i did it myself :) nice lashes huh?

you can kinda see my hair here. i was dumb and didnt get a pic of it...but it was basically pulled back in a bun thing and the ends were curled.

my flowers! so pretty, i love all flowers but these purple orchids are gorgeous.

zachs flower. isnt it cool? i had fun picking it out!

the girls :) (laura, emily, aly, me, maggie)

at grand march-we get presented basically and people take pictures. the theme was "deep blue dreams" the decorations were fantastic!

me and zach. we did pics at my house by our arbor and i think they look super pretty :)

all of us! our little group of 10-it was perfect and we had a blast! cant wait till next year :)

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