Friday, April 8, 2011

art creations

art has always been one of my favorite things in life. so this year i had an open period and took art 2. i love it! so far ive done a perspective drawing unit, watercolor, and now we're doing ceramics.
im even more excited because next year im taking both art 3 and art 4. i mean i probably should have some art classes in my background if im going to go into fashion in college...which is a form of art. so it just makes sence! :)
here are some pictures of my creations from the year so far:

this is one of the watercolors we did in class. it was really fun to use the salt on the painting to add texture (the salt soaks up the water leaving it looking speckled).

this is the greece picture we did. i absolutely adore greece and really want to go there one day so this is probably my favorite picture we did.

we did washes and the sharpie on top to add the "shadow." i loved doing these so much that i bought watercolors and paper and have made a few of my own-ill post them sometime :)

my crucifix. the glaze didnt work right for some reason but i actually like the way it looks-sorta rustic.
coil mugs. i tried to do a cool shape. whether or not it turned out is up to you.
wall pockets! my pocket part turned out nice and smooth. my favorite part is the painting i did on it. before i took art 2 i had painted a lot before so my colors for the water are fabulous!

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