Thursday, April 7, 2011

fashion show

every year in my town, there is this expo thing for wellness and being "green." during the event the ecology action center holds a recyclable fashion show for the community to participate in. a few years ago my mom brought it to my attention after i had just discovered an interest in sewing and i particiapted. basically, participants are to create a garment or outfit using mainly already used materials such as thrift store finds or old clothing. the main budget youre supposed to try to stay within is $10.00.
my first year i made a jean skirt out of old jeans and a flowy orange top out of an old swimsuit coverup. it wasnt my best work, but for my skill level at that time it was good. and hey, i won a $25.00 gift card so id say thats pretty darn good!
the second year i did two outfits: a re-sized black and white polk-a-dot dress with a yellow belt and a beautiful navy prom gown with rhinestones and gathers. that year i won $100.00 cash for the prom dress. i was more than thrilled!
last year i did an orange top and a black skirt both of which i embellished-the top with flowers and the skirt with vintage buttons. i also did a reto inspired "school girl" look as well as a white dress with a big bow in the back. even though i didnt win anything last year, it was still a good year.
this year im really mad, and as sad. the show is tomorrow...prom day. so i decided a while back to not to particiapte. it was a tough decision seeing as this is my favorite spring event. but i was stressed, and didnt have any plans for it. on top of that, they changed the rules so that you can only enter one item. NOT OKAY! i was so mad. but either way, ill work on stuff throughout the year and then next year, ill compete, and hopefully-knock 'em dead :)
these arent the best pictures (*cough* mom), but at least its an action shot!

the retro inspired look-this is probably the best picture of the three.

the white dress. i love how my hair is flipping since it was shot as i was turning. let me tell you- i know how to work that runway!

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