Monday, April 18, 2011

my right hand look

if anyone ever asked me what my "go to" outift would be, i would always have an answer. its not hard for me to immediately think of classic styled button down blouses (of any color!) cardigans-any style and color- jeans, a belt, a single piece of jewelry, and shoes of course. its so simple-even if it seems that i just spouted off a huge list.
any time i dont know what to wear, 9 times out of 10 ill turn to a button down. i have quite a few and they are all my favorite pieces. along with cardigans (the one item of clothing i cannot live without) and a great fitting jean there really isnt a better outifit. its so versatile and simple. yet it can be dressed up and down for any occasion. its overall flattering-on anyone and its comfortable.
what more is there to love?
heres a classic one of my "go to" outifts i wore over christmas break. thanks to my wonderful sister hannie for being the photographer :)

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