Friday, April 15, 2011


ive always loved to dance. i wish i had never quit ballet in...oh gosh kindergarten? well either way i never stuck with it and i regret it. good thing i at least have dances at school, and cheer dances, as well as just dance on the wii and plain old music in my room and a hair bush to sing into :)
i also have recently grown to have a fascination of painting dancers, here are a few of the dancers ive painted!
this one i made for my friend upon request. shes a dancer and so i did this one for her. to make it easier, i drew the dancer out on paper and then traced it to the canvas and hen painted it.

this is a watercolor i did for my art final first semester. we got to choose our pictures and i just loved this one. its so soft and delicate but powerful too.

i did this for another friend as a surprise. it was for her birthday and i thought the dancer with the tiara just fit :)

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