Monday, May 30, 2011

black raspberry filled goodness.

change of plans!!! i decide to amp the suspense of the revealing of the new studio until the end of the week! so until then ill have new posts, todays is of the filled cupcakes i made today. i had bought a box mix of french vanilla cake, then after watching cupcake wars last night i got inspired to make scratch. until i realized i had no ingredients for basically any of the recipes. :( so back to the box i went.
whoooo french vanilla cake! yeah, super exciting. untilllllll....wait for it....i make homemade frosting!! yay! so i had a can of strawberry frosting (my favorite!) but decide to make "laina's homemade cream cheese frosting" with a touch of almond extract to add flavor. it turned out delicious, but i still wanted a flavored frosting. i looked in my fridge and found black raspberry jam, so i decided to make it into frosting. i took out about half of the frosting i made and added in the jam. it got thinner so i was sad, until i realized it could be filling!!! awesome! so i worked out and now i have yummy delicious cupcakes to take to my friends pool party tomorrow!!
and guess what. guess. only 11 hours and 54 minutes until im done with spanish class. forever. :)

i even made a mini cake with the left over batter!

mixin, mixin, mixin.

the 4 frostings. i made some of the homemade blue! and then theres the jam filling and the strawberry.

the finished product! yummy :)

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