Friday, May 27, 2011

design board.

so today ill start the first of many updating posts for the re-decoration of my studio.
im not going to give away too much more than just my idea board, paint colors, and themes.
i cannot wait till it is complete! my goal is next friday, so hopefully if plans go right, ill have a post of each day's progress next week. we'll see :)
so initially i wanted to do a buttery yellow and greys but then i decide that was too warm, and cute and note enough chic inspiring and "worky". so at lowe's after picking up what seemed to be the 12894th paint inspiration card- i found "it". egg shell blue, bright red, and greys, blacks, and whites, to compliment. its perfect and its gonna be great. heres the board:
heres the whole board, with the blue red black white and grey theme.

i painted these shoe silhouettes to be put in frames for artwork. also the picture and watercolor greece landscape will be framed. i added other little details to add to the theme and fill in spaces. 
here is the other side- i cut out inspiring pictures of rooms and then the paint colors and the watercolor greece landscape (easier to see here!). 

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