Friday, May 13, 2011

flower friday

seeing a trend recently? yeah flowers....=)
but hey, in my defense there has been a lot around recently since its, oh i dont know, spring and summer sooo that means flowers. and since im obsessed, its only likely that id post a lot about them!
todays post is far more fun and pretty than any thing in the past- goooood pictures that im really proud of. im not trying to toot my own horn here but these are some of the best shots ive gotten. and get this-it was taken with my camera. not the fancy one either! surprise, surprise. :) well yay! here we go.
*only 8 more days of physics and spanish till the year is over and im a *gasp* senior!!*
(since the server was down yesterday-could only view at a reading perspective aka i couldnt post, todays is extra packed with more photos!)

i call it "a wish in the wind"

bleeding hearts are so cool

one of my favorites :)

black and white makes this so much cooler

i love how its swirly in the middle!

probably the best one!!

i really like the pureness of this

its like a sunset

it may just be a dandelion but its really simple and cute here :)