Wednesday, May 11, 2011

summer style

anyone who knows me knows i have a very unhealthy obsession with shopping-buying things in general really. this past weekend i gave into the temptation and set out for the mall. a few hours later i came home with three new summer pieces and $50 less in my pocket. but, mind you, the money was well spent and i got great deals on them all. if i hadnt had sales, the total cost would have been over $100. so when you look at it, its worth it! and seriously, look at these pics, i got some cuuuttteee clothes. and im so excited to wear them!
here comes part II of the story: went to my guilt store-target-yesterday. spent $30 more. oh well i got some new face powder and another new dress!!! this one just made me want to cry it was so cute and i of course had to have it. so what did i do? charge! oh the life of me, a money spending diva. its a good life, let me tell you. :)
the three from the mall- 2 dresses and 1 skirt

american eagle dress (sale for $25!)

express skirt (with coupon- $23!)
old navy dress (sale-$16!!)

the detail on the top is so vintage-y!

target dress ($20!) i fell in love. its so adorable. :)

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