Wednesday, May 25, 2011


everyone seems to go through life with a certain symbol that they associate with themselves. ive never really found mine until this past year. the moon.
it all started with me and my best friend getting necklaces, mine a moon, hers a star. she later gave me a painting with a  moon and star and a quote saying, "look at the sky, we are not alone." it really touched me and to this day i look at it everyday.
then i realized how much i love the moon and looking at the stars in the night sky whenever i can. its my favorite "view" and it makes me see God in his beautiful creation of the night. it reminds me to pray and is in a way my sign of God in my life. i still wear my moon necklace (and my mom and sister's birthstone-aquamarine-next to it too.) together it makes my daily jewelry and means a lot to me.
even though i have said i would never get a tattoo because i wouldnt know what to get and i strongly believe that if you get a tattoo it should be of meaning, im leaning towards it. my dad would kill me though...either way i would get a moon of course, small and simple, and probably on my right wrist. im not sure but i just might, as a another sign for me :)

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