Tuesday, May 24, 2011

study needs.

the end of the school year = finals. ew.
good thing i have set up a great study place with everything i need right on my comfy bed. i dont like desks because they are boring and not relaxing but rather stressful. so i choose my bed- any day.
today i got a lot of my reviews done as well as plenty of flash cards. my finals are thursday and friday so i have just a few more days left to cram, cram, cram.
here are the ways i make finals...tolerable.
a big cup of ice water 

my innovative laptop stand 

a fun halloween pencil give to me by a little girl at kumon (where i work)

my organized binder with all my past tests and worksheets; separated by tabs

cannot study without music. tgfp-thank God for pandora :)

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