Sunday, June 19, 2011

blog award!

im posting mondays post tonight because tomorrow me and my family are going to be at cedar point all day (!!) we drove all the way here (ewwww 8 hours) and now starts our family vacation!
over the weekend i saw that a wonderful person (jesse mendez- tres zapotes) gave me an award! i am very flattered and excited to put this up :)
im just going to answer the same questions and then i added a few of my own!
thanks again, jesse!!! :)

what is your favorite color? green, mostly dark natural shades. i think they are the prettiest

what is your favorite animal? ohh hard one. ive always loved horses and any little baby animals are cute!

what is your relaxation place? my backyard in the hammock or on our screened in porch. or riding my bike or running on the trail near my house-it is beautiful 

what is your vacation hot spot? i love going to colorado. however, ill travel pretty much anywhere! its my dream to go to greece!

do you have a boyfriend? uh no. i don’t exactly trust guys anymore…

what color scheme did you wear in outfits this week? pshhh! i never have a color scheme! i wear whatever im feelin that day 

what movie did you watch last? i think juno…good movie

what is your most used phrase? yeahno. cute! oh goshhh…. ya know. theres a lot!

do you study or do you work? both! im taking a summer class-economics (ewww) and i have a job (EWWW)

what is your favorite number? deffinately 7. 3 and 4 come next

what are the names of your favorite friends? laura, maggie, kristi, aly, emily, jackie, katherine, katie, meghan, maureen, jaclyn…and more 

do you drink soda and if you do, do you prefer coke or pepsi? i don’t normally drink much soda, but if i do its almost always cherry pepsi

what items do you carry with you always? my camera, my phone, wallet (money, license, visa, gift cards), eos lip balm, and my ipod touch

what is your favorite day of the week? probably friday. for sure not monday and thursday. (i work those days :/ )

now ill add some more questions for myself!

what do you like to do? paint, cheer, blog, listen to music, run, bike, sew, draw, be on my computer, hang with friends, shop, drive, cook (not bake…)

what do you plan on your major being in college? graphic design (and if i can get the camera i want soon and take a class i might want to minor in photography too! depends on the school though)

what are your go-to accessories? i love rings, long necklaces, and scarves

if you could only own 10 pieces of clothing/accessories, what would you own?
1. a plain white button down
2. dark wash jeans (boot cut or skinny)
3. a cute printed top
4. black pumps
5. a fun cocktail ring
6. a ldb (little black dress)
7. a pencil skirt (probably in a neutral)
8. a classic jacket, trench, or blazer
9. sandal wedges
10. and… a boyfriend tee (probably in classic white, with a pocket for sure) 

what is your favorite thing/subject to paint and photograph? to paint- dancers to photograph- flowers or my sister <3

what are you looking forward to in the rest of the year? hopefully getting a new (and wonderful) camera! i still have lots of researching to do, but i want to get one by my birthday and christmas (they are within 4 days of each other- most likely a joint present, perfectly fine with me!)

what are you afraid of? cemeteries. i cannot be in them. if its small, its tolerable. kind of. if its huge with tons of headstones rolling over hills, neverending, i might have a panic attack…im also not too fond of bugs with a lot of legs. and im kind of a necrophobic (afraid of death and dead things)

see you tuesday! :) 

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