Thursday, June 23, 2011

studio post!

its done! finally i have the post i have been wanting to do for way too long. athough, it is not fully done- sad face- it is close enough for a post. the only few things left to do are hang curtains, trim on the door, hang my city drawing, paint and hang the cabinets, and get frames. okay, so that’s a lot, oh well! its close enough and i cannot be happier with the outcome. hope you enjoy!
(sorry that this is being posted so late- hotel internet was freaking out on me the past two days! :( but now i can post and i'll have one about my vacation tomorrow!)

dry walled ceiling and new short walls

my wonderful parents doing the cieling

my best friend helping me paint!

paint- check! floors- check!

some tables

newly painted and ribbon-ed tables

cleaning out the stuff. so. much. fun...

speakers! i love my daddy's bose ones

two paintings ill be hanging

the ribbon...thing

fun decorative containers

magnet boards

my table

the bulletin board

organized nicely :)
decorations above the second sewing machine

the working table. it still needs to be cleaned...


the new organizer i bought

my paint drawer- fits perfectly!

shea-my mannequin my mom made :)

paint stuff

the room!

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