Friday, June 24, 2011

vacation 2011

yesterday at noon i got back from my family vacation. it was short, easy, but very fun. we drove to ohio on sunday (6 hour ride) and then monday enjoyed a perfect day at cedar point. the weather was great- not hot, cloudy, and bonus: there was hardly no one there! (our longest wait was 1 hour!!). the second day we spent at our hotel and the beach right there, then we packed up and went on a ferry across to an island in lake erie. it was gorgeous there! my favorite part was the mode of transportation there- all golf carts (only a few cars!) we got to rent a golf cart from our resort and drive it around the island for the day and a half we were there. it was great fun, enjoy the photos! :)

park. and beach. what more do i need?



had to :)

so adorable!

oh yeah. we did it. ;)

view from the top of the ferris wheel

did it!

did it!


fun lights at cedar point

my dad and hannah are so cute!!

me and hannah on the boat

the main dowtown street

a cute lunch spot

such clear water!

pretty view

everyone drove golf carts :)

there were tons of cute little houses on the island

the beautiful view from dinner

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