Tuesday, July 5, 2011

farmers market lunch

this past weekend, on saturday me and my friends maggie (her blog) and laura went to the farmers market. with the food we bought there (white cheddar cheese, rosemary champagne noodles, kale, garlic), the food we got to go with it at the fresh market (rosemary bread, apples, vegetable broth, tomatoes, asparagus) we made a beautiful lunch for us three!
laura made a roasted garlic sauce to go on top of the noodles, i made sauteed kale with asparagus made with white wine and lemon, we toasted out bread and had it a la biaggis (dipped in evoo, parmesan, and cracked black pepper). maggie, being not much of a cook, kindly helped me chop apples for my kale stem and apple salad with lemon. it was wonderfully delicious and filling :)
the "fancy" table

place setting

pretty sunflowers from the farmers market too!

ingredients for the kale and asparagus

stuff for the sauce

other yummy foods

so good!!

the beginning of the roasted garlic sauce

finished plate of loveliness

apple and kale stem salad, yummm

a great meal :)

we even looked cute!!
(maggie, laura, and me)

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