Wednesday, July 6, 2011

frozen hot chocolate

the name itself is just contradictory, but this is probably one of my favorite drinks now-it was that good, and im not a huge chocolate fan...
i made this for two friends-ally and kristi- the alternative to going out for coffee, and i think we all agreed it was delicious!
the only problem came when i did not have an whipped cream, in an attempt (that failed...) to make my own i figured vanilla ice cream would be good enough. so our cute mugs (my new one from crate&barrel!!) the drink was topped with ice cream and cute sprinkles. :) perfect for summertime!!

trying to make whipped cream....

ingredients (sugar, hot chocolate mix, butter)

add in chocolate and white chocolate chips!

put in a blender with evaporated milk and ice

the result!

colored sprinkles for ally

i like the simplicity of brown :)

add a red stripped straw and nothing can be better :)

ally is a cutie!

kristi is adorable!!

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