Thursday, July 7, 2011

new obsession

yesterday, my friend kristi showed me this site we heart it. and im now hooked. i was on it for about 2 hours last night till i decided it was bed time. its this cute site where you make an account and then you can "heart" pictures people have found on the internet. there is so many pictures its ridiculous, and any category you want to see you can search for those tagged pictures. its so super cute!
here are a few of my hearts :)

( a butterfly........kiss!) <3
Hell is so close and heaven's out of reach.Sweet and fashion.
STANNIESmile, You Are Beautiful :)
Our Brightest ShadowsOur Brightest ShadowsDance with your heart & your feet will followSummer Time by ~LanceRamoth on deviantARTlucindaas -
this one reminds me of my picture...^
iteminbrah: best friends holding hands quotesSem título | Flickr - Compartilhamento de fotos!Profil Resimleribaby~

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