Friday, July 15, 2011

harry over.

yes, of course i went and saw it at midnight! it was a lovely movie. but actually it might be one of my least favorites of them all. now, see, im not a die-hard harry potter fan-i didnt read the books (after trying the first in 4th grade, a few pages in i gave up...) but i do own all the movies...theyre so good!
iam deeply sad that it is over, because now, there isnt that big series or one movie/book that practically everyone in the world enjoys! its gone...goodbye harry. and luna...she was my favorite!
heres my oder of the movies, best to worst:
1. hp 4- the goblet of fire
2. hp 2- the chamber of secrets
3. hp 5- the order of the phoenix
4. hp 6- the half-blood prince
5. hp 1- the sorcerer's stone (however, both rankings 4 and 5 are veryyyy close)
6. hp 7 part 1- deathly hallows
7. hp 3- the prisoner of azkaban
8. hp 7 part 2- deathly hallows
so there we have it. my favorites, and not so favorites. and now...all i have left is the movies to watch over and over. thanks jk rowling :)

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