Thursday, August 18, 2011

first day outfit

now even though i go to a private school and have to wear a uniform most days of the school year, i actually enjoy it. the uniform rules/regulations are not bad and the clothes we have to wear can be fashionable if you work hard enough. sure, khakis and polos are not the best looking attire, but when you can do brown, tan, or blue, skirts, pants, shorts or capris, the options open up. with tops too-blue, white, or yellow polos or button ups. along with sweaters or jackets in those colors. i particularly like our uniform actually :) heres my outfit from the first day of school:
old navy shorts, aeropostale polo, scarf from italy, target bag, sandals from kohls

(p.s. sorry this post was so late, i was rushed this morning by my brother....grrr)

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