Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the last night

last night was the last night of summer. today i start my senior year of high school. scary but so exciting. to make the most of my last summer night i went to my friends pool party and then on the way home i decided to do something i have wanted to do for a really long time-watch the stars. i pullled off to the side on an empty country road and laid on my car and stared at the sky-the millions of stars and the big beautiful orange moon peeking out through the corn. it was wonderful, and the perfect way to end a great summer :)
the best picture i could take of the moon and the corn. it was absolutely gorgeous-too beautiful for any camera to capture.

p.s. as school starts my schedule will be a lot more crazy so my blogging schedule might be changing or something, i dont have it figured out yet what ill do but once i do...itll happen! :) 

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