Tuesday, August 16, 2011

summer concert #1

on sunday i was so excited to go to the jason aldean concert at our state fair. i have been a huge fan of country music for years and jason aldean is one of my favorite male singers for sure. when i saw he was going to be at the state fair i was so thrilled. me and 4 friends got our tickets and had a blast! alina, emily and myself went up for the fair for a few hours before the concert to walk around and eat classic fair food and then kristi and laura joined us later. it was so so fun and now i cant wait for the lady antebellum concert...next sunday :)

thompson square opened!

chris young was second :)

and then...jason!

me and emily went on this ride earlier in the day-can you see us?

me, emily, kristi, alina, and laura before the concert!

the pretty landscape that night. even though the picture isn't good, you can only imagine how cool it was with the moon and the lights from the rides in the horizon.

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