Monday, August 1, 2011

floral stripes

fridays are usually my days to wear cute outfits- i dont know why but theres just this feeling that after i blog for the day i want to do something for my next post, so what do i do? i put together the cutest thing i can think of! i really wanted to wear the new scarf from italy that maggie got me so i decided to "go crazy" and do a mixing prints outfit with a striped tee. add in jeans-for the cooler weather- my new black sandals, and ta-da-a perfect friday look. :)
scarf from italy, h&m shirt, pacsun jeans, shoes from kohls, black flower ring from forever 21, other jewelry- my own

i love picnik-so  made this...a senior picture perhaps? i think so! :)
** a big thanks to hannie, my beautiful sister, for taking these great pictures!**

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