Tuesday, August 2, 2011

smile :)

this past weekend, i must say, was quite uneventful. as the summer is ending i think i am doing less and less fun things, which is not what i had hoped :( i decided this morning i would get out of bed at a decent hour (aka 8:00) and start the day as well as do something productive...we'll see if that happens. yesterday i was on weheartit (big surprise) and i seemed to have a common "smiling" theme with the pictures i hearted. here are some favorites:
lazy days, magical nights.walmbe my escapecrash into the starscrash into the stars[i]Achter[/i]gronden:lips:. - Hyves.nlquotes_and_blogs on XangaJuSt ThAt GiRltumblr photography xox :)About love and other fine thingsThe Girl with the Red Rose.Pee to thSanity turns to Vanity.TumblrSanity turns to Vanity.couples in love - Google Afbeeldingen~~Lá Lá Lá Lá ~~inspire me's Photos - *DanceBreatheLiveElif Sahin's Photos - I believe in magic

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