Friday, August 26, 2011

school schedule

senior year is here. my childhood is soon over. and as much as that makes me wanna cry, it also makes me extremely happy to be going on to new challenges in my life. here are a few things im excited for this year, a few things im scared about, and a lot of hopes for the future.
i know this might be a sappy and/or boring post but its on my mind and frankly i dont know what else to log about. since there arent pics to go with this and i dont want to not put up photos ill just include some favorite shots of mine.
1. im excited for cheer- first game is tonight!!! :)
2. i loveeee my schedule- 2 art classes, a college credit psych/soc class, a study hall...can it get better?? i mean...just get rid of pre-cal and ap lit and its the most fantastic schedule ever. really....its SO wonderful.
3. im scared for college. i dont know how to live without my family. i dont wanna fill out applications and write essays (YUCK) and i dont wanna leave my friends. thats the biggest fear, ive been friends with maggie since we were 4 and laura since 2nd grade...leaving them and everyone else is definitely a tear jerker.
4. im so happy to have my major decided- graphic design, minor in photography-and be able to take art to help!
5. along with cheer, im excited for all other senior things-homecoming, dances, senior night, games, open lunch, prom, etc!
6. im excited to be able to blog about everything important to me and i hope i can keep it going for a super long time. i look at plenty of blogs everyday that have thousands (!!!) of people following them and i dream maybe one day that could be me. i have along way to go but i wanna do it! :D
7. i wanna make this year the best. so me mags and laura are making a vlog of our senior year and itll be on youtube. its called blueiceing (yes we know its spelled wrong, thats what happens when 3 fourth grade girls make a band... and what better name for us?) so soon we'll be posting videos! im gonna be spending a lot of time editing and such so id love it if you would subscribe to our channel! :) im sure we'll provide some quality (ha...funny) entertainment. or at least a laugh or smile!
pretty sunset (i tried to do pics i never posted..i hope i didnt repeat!)

hannah...shes so adorable :)

i love quotes 

hand drawing from a while ago...not the best but i liked it cause i drew in the heart i drew on my hand that day

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