Monday, August 29, 2011

lash love

i know ive posted about eyelashes a couple times but i mean, im obsessed! so why not post about them frequently? well one day i decided to make my eyes extra amped up and then got some fun pics of the lashes to post. i used my ulta mascara that i had deemed my favorite. it went on easily, the color was good, the length/volume was great, and best of all-it came off super easy.
 however, saturday i was at ulta to get makeup and i decided to try (yet another) new mascara. my friend jackie convinced me to try maybelline's falsies flared. i used it for the first time yesterday and its a tie with ultas. for a cheaper price and the same great look i really think i found a good mascara. ive realized i dont like the rubber/plastic brushes on the wands but rather the actual brushes-they work better and dont feel...weird. anyway-heres some new eyelashes to gaze at! :)

i like this one the best cause you can see the delicate gold chain necklace

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