Tuesday, August 9, 2011

senior pictures

so as i promised here are some of round one senior pictures. we went to this cute little outdoor place with lots of green fields, some wooded area, and a cute barn and got a lot of great shots...and plenty of bad/funny ones too! i plan on doing some more in fall and next spring along with some studio shots from a professional. enjoy! :)
i wanted to do some "crazy" editing on this one. the sad thing is that the shots in this dress didnt turn out too well :(

i loved this window in the barn, i have a ton of shots from it. and of course-black and white :)

had to do some in the tec shirt, cross and rise day flower!! :D

my dad, sister, and maggie (who came along) decided this would be "my" wall cause the pics from it tured out the best!

i like the wind in my hair here :)

i had to do a picture with my new bubble umbrella! its super fun!

thank you maggie for this pose....

this is definitely a favorite favorite. the color is spectacular. i didnt even touch it in editing. 

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