Monday, August 8, 2011

recent investment

everyone has bad days at school...and then bad days at work. but it always makes your day better when, walking out to your car after you got off work, you see that your wonderful friends have decorated your car. with this story, began my obsession and love of window/car markers.
yesterday, me and my friend maggie decided to invest in more markers to draw on numerous cars (aka 2 of our friends working at jewel, 1 of our friends car at home while she was gone, and about 6 more cars at a party we went to). after no luck at jewel, no luck at target, hobby lobby being closed, meijer failing us, and a last hope at walmart, we found what we needed and went to work!
this morning i decided i would decorate my sisters mirror as well to, hopefully, make her day :)
(the crayon ones are good too!!)

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