Friday, August 5, 2011

double post

yesterday, when it became lunch time, i looked through our pantry and found nothing to possibly eat for lunch- however, i remembered that laura had brought me her leftover kale she didnt use! so i sauteed it up for lunch (big surprise, right?)
also, today im about to go do some of my senior pictures with my dad. he has a nice camera and so ill be doing a lot of outside pictures with him and then sometime ill be doing some studio pictures with a photographer of sorts. so here is yesterdays lunch as well as prep for pics!
kale :)

sautee in a pan with evoo

add lemon juice, parmesan, salt, pepper, and coriander 

keep on cookin it- the kale shrinks and try a piece and then enjoy!

my grey maxi dress, and a blue dress in the bergners bag for pictures!

my hair and makeup, and first dress-navy with circles in tan and pink

shorts and shirts and other accessories!
* pictures to come later :) *

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