Thursday, August 4, 2011

target trip

for this whole week i have been meaning to go to target and take advantage of the sales as well as grab a few new items for school. i was finally able to go yesterday with my friend laura before our sundress lunch with all of our friends (that could make it)- a tradition from last year. i am really happy with the deals i got and i can't wait to use some of the items!
me and my friend maureen

all of us on a cute painted wall in uptown after lunch

me, maggie, and laura. we are the 3 best friends (me and maggie since we were 3, mags and laura since 1st grade, and me and laura since 2nd grade.) this is just one of the many pictures of us that will be displayed at our combined graduation party :)

i bought my favorite movie at target for $10! 

more cds to burn :)

new white shoes for school :)

a new oversized grey tee thats perfect for lounging in!

1 comment:

  1. Hi there my friend,

    I think the white shoes are nice, and the lounge shirt, I wear grey lounge shirts around my place...LOL

    And the dresses, loved the pics of you and your friends...

    talk soon,