Wednesday, August 31, 2011


for the past few days ive been so unfortunate to be hit with a cold. the kleenex used by me the past 4.5 days is outrageous and the amount of vitamin water intake is probably greater then the amount of water i have ever consumed in my life (i dont exactly like water...or anything to drink ever). however, even though i was miserable all of sunday, my wonderful friends- maggie and meghan- were ever so nice to oblige to my asking for panera soup :) they also brought along their findings from playing "what-kind-of-crap-can-we-find-in-the-aisles-of-jewel?"  which included, goldfish baggies, dinosaur tablets (??) that take shape in water (into sponges, sketchy i know), a cube matchbox car (i sold it to a friend who lovesss cubes..for two whole bucks!), and pizza shaped erasers. im glad the people i hang out with keep things classy. :)

oh the cube....

the sponge interesting...

the erasers, there is also a sandwich...of bread and lettuce. and a hot dog but it broke :(

goldfish baggies! can you guess what i put in them?

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