Thursday, August 11, 2011

summer picnic

yesterday me and my friend laura decided that we needed to do something exciting and fun before summer ends (in one week-ew). so i looked at my lsit of things i wanted to do this summer and we both decided a picnic would be the best! the weather was beautiful and it was wonderful. we took along her god, hershey, too which made it even better :)
hershey is super cute!

our lunch of uncrustables, pineapple, chips and guac, and these fruit chiller things that were delicious

i loved her picnic basket and blanket!!

our beautiful scenery :)

laura and hersh

so cute!

awww :)

nap time? 


  1. her god? Sorry, I don't worship Hersh :)

  2. shut up! i have a few typos in was early in the morning!!