Wednesday, September 7, 2011

homecoming excitement

yes, its only september 7th, but homecoming is early this year (by 2 weeks!) and it really is just right around the corner. on monday, i was privileged to go to chicago (actually we went to woodfield, but same thing right?) and shop in a great big mall for dresses. me, maggie and meghan went and maggies wonderful mother, jana, gratefully drove us all :) we had a great time, and all found dresses (even if it took the last two stores for me and maggie to find them...) and they are great. i was about to give up hope for finding a dress then but then, nordstrom saved me. thank you lord. they had a surprisingly small selection but within it was my dress- a pink (different for me) rouched dress that fits-and feels-great. i also got some jewelry too :)

the coloring is weird here, but its basically a darker pink

i love love the rouching on the sides, very flattering

forever 21 (statement) earings-perfect for a dress that cant have a necklace!

i love how intricate they are

and a ring to match :) im thinking about getting a cuff bracelet too-its just a matter of finding one that works! and then shoes...good thing im going shopping with my date (my best-guy-friend, zach!-he asked me yesterday) this weekend! shoes for me, a tie to match my dress for him :)

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