Thursday, September 8, 2011


one of our projects for art 3 this year is to do an "abc" book. basically, we have this little sketch book that we are going to draw one thing that starts with each letter on each page. easy right? yeah no. in art 3 we're learning the basics of drawing currently (yesterday we did an eye!) and so my drawings are on hold currently. ive done a few as well as some practice of face skills but either way i have to say, im pretty darn well pleased with my results (ill apologize right now for the terrible and weird quality of the eye looks much better in person i promise). so anyway, im excited to get to drawing more things and i need ideas for letters...badly. im just relieved a friend gave me quidditch for q...thank goodness thats resolved!
lips! i really like these...except the chin

for "b" - balloons..and  a bonus shadow!

c is for camera

the eye- again sorry about the quality

u for umbrella! (particularly my bubble umbrella!)

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