Friday, September 9, 2011

friday faves

one of my favorite blogs (cupcakesandcashmere) does a "friday five" post thing where basically she posts photos of her favorite five things throughout the week that are new, inspiring, or highlights of her week. i think that this is one of the best blog ideas i ave ever seen. i wanted to do something like that when i started my blog but i didnt know how to phrase it and make it my own so as not to copy her idea. i still am not sure how to, but i would love to do something like it. maybe ill do a monday recap and post five things about my weekend? hmm....*thoughtful face* that might be a good idea. ill be working on that, but as for now i couldnt resist this week and made a friday faves for you :)
(story time) so my sister brought home a pen similar to this her friend had made, i commented on how cute it was wondering if she had the hello kitty duct tape i saw at target. to my surprise she said she did, so im like i'd want a hello kitty and polka dot pen! i swear, in the nest 48 hours, my-silly "im-just-saying-this"- wish came true! my sisters friend was nice enough to make me the pen! how cute :)

instyle for september- 638 pages!!! cant wait to read :)

a new book from maggie to read-perfect timing with 9/11 on sunday

new project (coming wednesday next week, see below)! i liked this we heart it image and made it mine on my desk :)

story time again...whenever im washing my sheets but i dont get them in time to make my bed before i go to bed i always sleep on the opposite end with a blanket. i did that two nights ago and decided when i made my bed i would actually switch it like that, it was great last night :) i know im weird, but its more fun-try it! (i put the pillows in the middle so as to look not....strange.)

**as the pictures we're loading i decided to make a schedule-yes, a set one- for my posts. here it is (and im hoping i can stick to it!):
monday: weekend recap 5
tuesday: miscellaneous tuesdays (blog-about-anything-day) 
wednesday: project wednesdays (a day i post about a current project, how-to, or activity)
thursday: fashion thursdays (fashion from my "over-the-hump-dress-up" on wednesday (thank you zach for that idea for school!)
friday: food friday (a food post!)
hopefully it'll work out, we shall try it next week and see, enjoy :)**

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