Wednesday, September 14, 2011


my project for the past two(ish) weeks has been to write down all my favorite quotes from weheartit onto note cards. my friend, maggie, did this with her favorite quotes (most of ours are the same, actually) and she hung them all over her room and mostly her desk. i wanted to do something similar, but would hate the bright white cards scattered all over my dark purple bedroom. so i got to thinking maybe i could just write them down and then put them into a container to draw one out for each day- a quote of the day! perfect. heres the progress:
(p.s. -ended up not getting my hair cut today- :( -but i will within the next week and as soon as i do and as soon as i get pictures, i will be posting them with the next blog! hopefully i can make it today or friday...)
my station-the desk! (with the quote i recently posted about!)

the stack of finished ones :) so many!! yay positivity!

markers and sharpies :)

the quote folder on my computer-let me tell you, there are plenty to go around.

the container...with a personal favorite on top :)

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