Tuesday, September 13, 2011

miscellaneous turned beauty

as i have been thinking, i really dont want an "open to anything" day. that means for me it will most likely be a boring post of something i threw together-aka, no fun to make, and no fun to read. so why not have a beauty day? a day for hair, makeup and fashion (not to mention the fashion day on thursday!). along with the want for a day to talk about all things girl, i had a post in mind anyway...so why not? -thats what i asked myself, and the answer: go for it.
yes, i am cutting my hair.

i promise no shocking hair styles...only a trim, and cut...of 4-5 inches! let me tell you, im scared. i love my long hair so much and i dont really want to cut it, but yet i want it shorter so it wont be as flat looking at the end of the day. its a hard choice, but im hoping ill like it and in the end, compared to all my hair, it will still be long :)

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