Monday, September 19, 2011

weekend recap

this weekend was way more jam packed than the last- and that is both a good and bad thing. my saturday was filled with unsuccessful jean shopping, a hair cut, a church event and then the rock the house at my school. it was a crazy fun day! sunday proved to be a bit more relaxing. i was able to sleep in having gone to mass saturday night, and i cleaned a bit before shopping with laura. then i was able to come home, edit some videos for our vlog channel (blueiceing- and yes, we know it is spelled wrong) and then watch soul surfer with my mom and sister. it was great to stay home for a night and relax. im excited for this week at school because i have a great arrangement of outfits and because next week is homecoming so ill be preparing for that as well!
new haircut-five inches off! i do miss my long hair but with it shorter its looking bouncier so i guess we'll see...(please ignore the terrible picture...)

new boots! ive been looking for boots like this since last fall. got these at target for $35!!

new jeans (i was in desperate need)

footie pajamas for pj day on monday of homecoming week

it was really touching- i was definitely crying 

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