Tuesday, October 25, 2011

eyes and ears {1}

seeing as my current life "situation" is dominated by college applications, scholarships, and school work, i dont exactly have the time anymore to relax and do little things just for myself. my mood is often overcome with stress and anger due to budges, due dates, and failed attempts- so not what i want or deserve! i decided last night to dedicate tuesday's post to "eyes and ears"- simply a post about things i can look at (aka pictures that are inspirational and/or pretty) and listen to (aka my recent obsessions in the music world-aka my safe haven :)...). i did have this day as a beautypost, but seeing as i dont have a whole lot of time for that, or enough to blog about those days, im transitioning into more of a "de-stressing" and differnt post from the other days; hopefully it was a good change :)


looking at a beautifully simple picture from a flickr account {link}

fantasizing about our family vacation to california next summer...

not necessarily a picture....

...but yesterday my art 4 class started out film photography class! it was great to go out and take pictures using these kinds of cameras. (even though my camera failed to make the film work and i had to go outside during another class to take a new roll of pictures, it was wonderfully fun!)


listening to great new music...of all kinds.

after drawing ellie goulding in art for a portrait, ive fallen in love with her music!
{starry eyed}

maggie gave me a cd with beautiful calming music...i finally got the titles last night!
heres a favorite song (falling slowly, however, i like kris allen's version better than the one she gave me by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova)
{falling slowly}

enjoy :)

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  1. pshhh... my version is the originalll.. cause i'm a hipster.