Wednesday, October 26, 2011

winter wardrobe

im currently in the mood for changing my wardrobe...and of course, winter is around the corner so now is the perfect time to build up a closet of scarves, sweaters, boots, and jeans. here are recent picks for winter fashion that i am currently wishing to buy! maybe i will go shopping today....hmmm...i just might :)

Bow Tie Spotty Sweetheart Dress By Dress Up Topshop**GORGEOUS Gem Heel Court Shoes
im loving the intricate detailed blacks from topshop

Xhilaration® Bomber Jacket - Assorted ColorsMossimo Supply Co. Feather Weight Raincoat - Light Ditsy Floral Print
i would love to get a brown/tan leather jacket to be a softer version compared to my black leather jacket. i also love this light weight trench. (both from target).

lots and lots of american eagle sweaters! im a sweater type of girl :)

Super Flare Jeans
i need a nice pair of boot cut jeans, and why not some dark flares? (both pacsun).

i love love the colors of this whole outfit- especially the slightly mustard tint of the skirt (forever21).

call me crazy, but this vest is both cute and comfy as the skirt is chic and flowy; not together of course ;) (h&m). 

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