Thursday, October 27, 2011

shopping deals

has there even been a time when i have been shopping and havent found a good (and unpassable) deal? answer: no. i always find a sale...and my philosophy: "if its on sale/clearance, and you'll use it/wear it. its worth it right! and who doesnt love new things!!" do i live by this? yes i sure do. however, i need to coast a bit...the wallet is hurting : /
old navy sweater for just $10, i dont have a light yellow or even a button up sweater like this so it will just add to my growing uniform wardrobe! :)

old navy pants-only $5! perfect for school. super cool- they are flared!

old navy coat (a STEAL-notice the caps- at $20!) will be perfect for fancy attire in the winter

aveeno body wash-its like a scrub, hopefully it will make my skin super soft! the plus-it smells divine :)

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