Thursday, October 13, 2011

feeling blue

i havent painted my nails since homecoming week because of the nail stickers i used for the dance. and let me just explain right now, i will never do those stickers again. were they fun? yes. were they cute and easy? yes and yes. but did they come off easily? no. and were they inexpensive? no...see the downside? i think ill stick to polish from now on!
i have been wanting to do a different colored moon for awhile now. i tried in the summer once with silver but didnt like it. ever since i saw this post from cupcakesandcashmere i have wanted to do them asap! however...with a $0 budget. having only white and blue nail pens this provided a challenge. i went with minty nails and the blue moons...i think i like it! note to self: invest in more nail pens :)
the final product 

the tools: sally hansen nail pen, essie light pink polish (used as a top coat)

essie mint candy apple base

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